Deadline to submit check requests for pre-approvals is June 12, 2020 at 5:00pm. Check requests for clubs, funding boards, and student governments will not accepted after that time.

Dear Students,

The SGSM Business Office thanks you for your patience during this trying time. We are providing this online platform for students to submit their check requests (clubs, student government, funding boards, etc.) to accommodate for virtual accessibility. Clubs will not need receipts for their check requests and must be an authorized signer of their club who has finished the ASUCI COOL to submit. All other check requests are still required to abide by the accounting policies of SGSM and UCI by providing the appropriate supplemental paperwork. Check requests that do not follow these policies will be denied with a reason attached. The online portal is only for check request submissions and pre-approvals. Due to the campus closure, checks will not be cut or issued until administration has deemed if appropriate and safe for staff to return. We understand the financial burden this may put students in and we continue to work meticulously with administration for other solutions. Our office continues to thank you for your understanding and patience. For any questions you may have, please contact

Club Check Request

All student and departmental clubs must use this link. Requester must be authorized signers of their organization and must have completed the ASUCI COOL training. No receipts or supplemental paperwork required

Club Check Request

SGSM Check Request

All Student Governments and Funding Boards must use this link. Receipts and supplemental paperwork will be required for all check requests

SGSM Check Request


1) Will we still be able to make deposits? Can we do this electronically?

With the campus being closed, we will not be taking in any deposits. We currently do not have an option for electronic deposits to be made. Clubs that are expecting funds from UCI departments can still be processed.

2) Can I still make check requests? How will that process look like?

We have created an online portal for students to submit their club, funding board, or student government check requests. This portal is to be used for submitting check requests and pre-approvals only. Checks will not be processed and delivered until the campus re-opens.

3) I didn’t get a chance to pick up my check before the office closed. Can I still pick it up or have it mailed out? 

Since staff are not allowed back onto campus, all checks that were not picked up will be mailed when we are allowed to return to our offices.

4) Checks expire in 90 days. What if my check expires before it is mailed out? 

Our office will re-issue a new check if it has expired during the time of the campus closure.

5)Is online accounting still down?

The online accounting portal is still not available. Please email

6)When will the campus re-open?

At this time, the university is following the Executive Order of Governor Newsom and the campus will be closed until further notice.